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Banners are a popular, portable and economical way to advertise. They are most commonly used for promoting special events, seasonal activities like little league baseball, summer youth programs, holiday and community celebrations, etc. They're also great for short-term promotions, or as a "Coming Soon" teaser until you get your business up and running or if you are moving to a new location. By their very design, however, they are not recommended for long-term, permanent signage. The exception being when they are going up indoors, out of direct sun, wind and extreme temperature changes. A good example of long-term, indoor use is recognizing school sports and scholastic achievements. You will be much happier in the long run with an exterior sign of a more stable, durable material. But, if you need something quick and cost-effective for your next special event, a banner may just fit the bill!

Scroll down to see some more examples:

banners recognizing athletic and

scholastic achievements

indoor, free-standing banner/stand combo

banners announcing events or special offers

business/school name banners for trade shows, community events, etc.

safety, motivational and goal-oriented banners

even banners for personal use!

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