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broadcast/web promotion

Radio, TV and online promotion should be a very important part of your marketing plan. Technology has made the world much smaller and the competition much tougher! With computers, cell phones, cable and satellite TV, the opportunities to market your business are more diverse and overwhelming than ever! Let us help you wade through this "ocean of tech" and determine the best way to make your business seen by as many eyes as possible.

• Radio Advertising

Even in this digital/internet age, radio is still a good way to reach your target audience. Come sit down together with us to discuss it, come up with a proper marketing approach and even write a script for the radio spot that will get you noticed!

• TV/Cable Advertising

Think you're not big enough to afford or benefit from television advertising?  Think again! Television advertising has gone through a major transition during this age of cable and satellite broadcasting. No longer is your ad only seen on the local television broadcast stations.  Cable and satellite companies now offer packages that will insert your ad into the programming stream of nearly all of the countless channels they offer: TNT, ESPN and HGTV, are just a few of the national channels that your commercials can now be seen on, when broadcast in your local market. Let us help you take advantage of this tremendous promotion opportunity! While we don't have an actual video production facility, we can help you write the script and create the production style you want. We can make your commercials unique so they'll stand out from the standard ad packages the cable or broadcast providers offer.

• Web Promotion

The internet is now the most common source people use to seek out products and services they need. Even local needs are now sought with a few taps of a keyboard or smartphone screen. A web presence is more of a necessity than ever before. Although we do not offer website design at this time, we are working on providing this valuable service in the near future. In the meantime, we'd still like to work with you to determine the best way to make your mark on the world wide web. We'll discuss your needs, your target demographic and, using the graphics and branding theme we've developed for you, help you set up a format and design for your site that will tie everything together and give you a head start with your webmaster in getting your site up and running!

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