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What we refer to as off-site signs are just that: signs that are actually located "off-site," or not at your physical location. Billboards are the most common off-site sign. Usually, the billboard itself is owned by someone else and leased to the advertiser on a monthly or yearly basis. Some billboard owners include the graphics and design in the cost of the lease, but many others simply lease the space and leave it up to the client to provide the graphics. That's where we come in! We're here to design your billboard for maximum impact and readability. Once your design is approved, we can provide the most cost-effective way to get it out there, either with the most common digitally printed banner "wraps," or by applying the graphics directly to the billboard panels.

off-site signs

Sometimes, especially in rural areas like ours, your location may not be visible from the main road or street. BY placing a sign or signs at the nearest well-traveled intersections directing customers to your location makes you easier to find and can generate new business from potential customers passing by!

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Banners are a popular, portable and economical way to advertise off-site. They are most commonly used for promoting special events or seasonal activities like little league baseball, summer youth programs, holiday and community celebrations, etc. When placed at a well-traveled intersection or area like a park or shopping center, they alert the community to your business or organization's upcoming activities. They're also great for short-term promotions, or as a "Coming Soon" teaser until you get your business up and running or if you are moving to a new location.

By their very design, however, they are not recommended for long-term, permanent signage. The exception being when they are going up indoors, out of direct sun, wind and extreme temperature changes. A good example of long-term, indoor use is recognizing school sports and scholastic achievements. Click here to see some examples. For permanent signage, you will be much happier in the long run with a more stable, durable material. But, if you need something quick and cost-effective for your next special event, a banner may just fit the bill!

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