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logo design

Sorry if you've been to this page before...

but, we can't over state the importance of a logo(branding) in marketing your business! And, if you haven't been here before, read on to see what we mean:

A logo is the most effective way to identify your company. It should be unique and, at the same time, simple and direct. Logo use, or "branding" as it is also called, makes it easy for your clients (and potential clients!) to identify you in the marketplace. If you're looking for fast food, what do you look for? Golden arches? A ringing bell? A smiling old gentleman with glasses and a goatee? A bright yellow star with a smiling face? If you're looking for gas, do you look for a green and yellow shield? A yellow and red sea shell? A green dinosaur? What about a bargain? Do you scan the roadside for a big red bulls eye? A bright yellow asterisk? A big, red K? Chances are you know all (or at least most) of these places without being told their names. That is what logo-branding can do for you! While you may not be on the global scale of these brands, they were all, at one time, single locations that used successful branding and marketing to expand their recognition and, in turn, their market. A blue, striped globe, a  stylized "Bow Tie" and a blue oval with one word in script are other good examples of simple logos that are instantly recognizable. This premise can work for you, too! DB Graphics has designed hundreds of logos over the years that have helped our clients build a professional, recognizable image. Scroll down to see some examples, or...

Do you already have a logo or logo idea?

Scroll down or click/tap here to see how we've taken client's logos or logo ideas and transformed them into professional marketing tools.

Click/tap here or on the images above to read the story of how our own logo has evolved over the years.

Client logo redesign

Do you already have a logo?

...or, do you have an idea of what you want your logo to be? Go ahead and bring it to us. Don't worry if it's not pretty... that's OUR job! We have the tools AND the talent to give you the most impact for your advertising dollar. We'll point here... click there... add or change a color or letter style and presto! You'll be right in there with the "big boys!" Just look at these two examples showing the actual artwork presented by the client next to their finished logo:

You'll be surprised at how many of your clients (new and old) will notice and comment on how much more "professional" you look! Studies have shown that a customer feels more confident in a product or service when the supplier projects a professional, and therefore experienced, image.

Don't wait another minute! Contact us today!
We'll get started upgrading your image so you can up-sell your business!
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