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OK, let's have the "Money Talk"

Important policy information for our clients.
Our accountant says no exceptions. Sorry.
•Logo Design

Logo design projects require a 2/3 deposit, based on our initial meeting regarding the design, with the balance due upon completion. We cannot release any artwork until the final balance has been squared away. The final cost of your logo will depend on several factors, including, but not limited to, the complexity of the design and the number of revisions requested between initial design presentation and final client approval.

•Graphic Design
•Artwork Release

Design work for brochure and collateral development will be paid in two installments, with a an initial estimated deposit of 50%(to be determined by the scope of services being provided) due at commencement, and the balance due when final artwork is approved and/or services are rendered. No artwork or research/consultant results will be released before your balance is paid in full.

•Signs and Vehicle Graphics

For all signs and vehicle graphics, whether manufactured by us or outsourced and subsequently sold to the client, we require a deposit of 50 percent at time your order is placed, with the balance due upon completion. We will not be able to release any artwork until your balance is paid in full.

•Printing and Stationery Ordering

All printing fees are required to be paid in full at time of placing your order. We will not order any printing until your invoice is paid in full. If we are designing your stationery, the full amount, including any design/typesetting fees, will be due in advance, as well.

•Ad Specialties

All ad specialty products require a 2/3 deposit at time of order, with the balance due upon completion. If we are designing the artwork for your item(s), the full design and/or set-up charge will be due in advance.

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