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There are many options in printed media to promote and explain your business. There are flyers, brochures, catalogs, mass mailings and more! Even in this digital age, printed promotion should be a very important part of you marketing strategy. It can be a very unique way to reach a wider, and possibly untapped, market for your product or service.

business cards, letterhead & envelopes

But, if what you have to offer just won't fit on one side, there's always the back to give customers more detailed information about your products or services.

Printed promotional and identification products are a very important advertising tool. And the most recognized is the Business Card/Letterhead/Envelope "trio". Many times, your first impression to a potential client is your business card. Even in this digital age, the sharp, professional look of this small piece of card stock is vital in building and maintaining an image of quality and professionalism. And, though small, it is one of the most common ways a customer will contact you in the future. Companion letterhead and envelopes complete this time-proven image-boosting package!

Your business cards, much like your signs, are intended to convey the three most important pieces of information about you: Your name, what you do and how to reach you. Business cards, however, take those basic bits of information and go on to include your address, possibly a website and/or e-mail, a slogan, tag line or a few more details about what you have to offer. 

Whatever format you choose, we will provide a clean, eye-catching design with a layout incorporating all the necessary information.

Also available:

2-sided cards


1-sided cards

And, while we're at it, why not let us go ahead and include the "Total Package?" Compliment your business card with matching letterhead, envelopes and invoices that will project the image of professionalism to your customers that will keep them coming back to you!

flyers, brochures, catalogs, direct mail campaigns & print advertising

There are countless ways to promote your business. Flyers, brochures and direct mail campaigns are great options to reach out to potential clients who may or may not be aware of your business.  Introductory or "Get To Know Us" order discounts are a very good way to get your foot in the door with new clients. we also design complete catalogs and have developed package labeling programs for several businesses just like yours. Take look below at some samples of our expertise. Then, contact us and let us show you how we can drive your market to you using all facets of our advertising and marketing arsenal!

promotional announcements

We do several of these for a local business to help promote activities and events they have throughout the year. They use them as mailers to specific area organizations as well as post them at their facility and in several locations around town.

product label design

We've worked with several businesses in designing labels for their products.  Our years of experience in marketing and product development give us an edge over standard print copywriters. We know how to market your product effectively while keeping a design eye on layout, balance, color coordination and overall "readability" of your labels and packaging to make them as effective as possible.


A very effective way to promote your business is with a simple, tri-folded flyer. You know those kiosks you see at hotels and restaurants when you're on vacation that are full of those brochures for all the local attractions?  That marketing approach, on a somewhat simpler scale, will  work wonders to make your business more visible in your community. Plus, they make great handouts when meeting new clients, giving them  all the information they need to decide that you are the one they need!

direct mail campaigns
catalog design

Catalogs have long been a valuable asset in the mail order business. While more and more business are moving their catalogs to the web, several companies still offer a printed catalog to their customers. We have designed several catalogs over the years and, while not as popular in our current "green" business climate, it is still a viable and many times necessary marketing tool.

newspaper & magazine advertising
Glouse Times Ad 08-21-18.jpg

With all the emphasis on web-/app-driven, world-wide advertising and promotion, don't forget about your local newspapers or, in many areas, regional magazines and publications.  They can be a valuable marketing resource to build your customer base.

Direct mail campaigns can generate many new leads and also remind existing customers that you are still around when they need you. We have designed several mass mailing cards for churches, contractors, service organizations and more.  Let us show you how effective it can be for your business.

copy writing

All the items described above have one thing in common: copy writing.  Copy writing is the skill of crafting product/service/marketing descriptions for TV,radio, print and web advertising and marketing.  Before we started DB Graphics, we spent nearly a decade writing ad copy and product descriptions for a multi-million dollar mail order company. We created page formats and templates as well as coordinating photo shoots of products for their catalogs and print advertising for the various trade publications they advertised in. So, we have the knowledge and the skills to craft just the right words to successfully market your products and/or services to your target demographic. Let us show you what a difference the correct turn of phrase can make in a potential client's decision to choose you or your competitor.

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