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evolution of our logo

Our logo has gone through some changes during it's 30+ year lifespan! With each version shown below is a paragraph detailing the circumstances of each design's creation.

DB Ent logo.png

where it all began!

In high school art class, we were assigned the task of creating a logo for our fictitious business. After much doodling and experimenting, this was the end result. Even then, I understood the importance of keeping it simple. A logo should be simple but unique and easy to recognize.

the professional transition

Being the 70's, the beginnings of the cassette era(yes, there was "portable" music BEFORE the mp3!), all of my mix tapes were soon hand-labeled and emblazoned with the DB Enterprises brand! Little did I know where that would lead!

When we officially "opened for business" in 1986, our name went from the more general "Enterprises" to the more specific "Graphics" to more accurately convey the purpose of our business without being too specific in the scope of services we offered. Not just "DB Signs", "DB Ad Specialties", "DB Screen Printing", etc. The stylized initials represent the solid base of experience and diversity we offered our clients, with the vertical strokes, ending in arrows pointing up, representing our ability to propel your business upward to the top of your market!

controlled chaos

With our formative years behind us, the 90's saw us find our footing in the graphic design arena with signs and screen printing becoming our main focus. In 1991, our first "personal computer" was still a year away with design and graphics still manually created. But the process was becoming more and more mechanized and mathematically "constrained." The grid behind the text represents the "boxes" graphic design was initially forced to work within to be "digitally accepted," while the rough, free-styled font showed us still maintaining and expanding the creative aspect of the business.

softening the edges

As the 90's progressed, more affordable computers, pre-loaded with libraries of clip art and fonts, along with cheap, table-top vinyl sign cutters flooded the market, creating instant "graphic designers" and "sign" shops! As a result, some really awful signs, logo designs and business cards sprang up everywhere! On the plus side, these advances in technology and reductions in cost streamlined the process of editing and manipulating designs, giving legitimate designers more creative freedom to give our clients our best! And, by saving us time, we could save our customers money. Here we took the '91 design and used highlights, shadows and angles to give it more dimension and softness.

the birth of digital imaging

The new millennium brought affordable digital imaging to the sign and graphics industry. It's now possible to print photos or complex, multi-colored graphics in any size, on almost any material and place it anywhere on anything! However, moderation is still a concern. Many of the "colorful" signs and "wrapped" vehicles out there may turn heads initially, but are nearly impossible to determine what product, service or event they're promoting! Our new logo reflected the flexibility of this process, while retaining simplicity and legibility. We also changed our tagline, broadening our scope of services and promoting our longevity.

sometimes less is more!

With the explosion of the internet and it's migration to smaller and smaller screens, we once again redesigned our logo. This incarnation reflects the design trend towards a clean, simple style, making it legible on the smallest smartphone screen or tablet(did you know 80% of web traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets?). Plus, with the growing number of Smart TVs, it is equally impactful on a 60" screen! This logo "evolution" shows you that DB Graphics has it's finger on the pulse of the advertising and marketing world and will constantly keep you current, on-trend and relevant in your market!

the reason for these changes?

While we will always emphasize the importance and consistency of a logo, there are always exceptions to any rule. We are in the business of designing logos that illustrate and identify who you are and what you do. Part of that process includes the importance of maintaining consistency and longevity to build your brand's recognition in your chosen market(s). And, once implemented, it should serve you for years to come without looking "tired" or "dated." So, in order to keep us current in our marketplace, we are constantly exploring design trends, color schemes, font styles and more to insure when our clients(existing and potential) come to us, we stand out as fresh, current and in touch with our market, assuring them that we will provide the same for their market! And, while many logos you see are unchanged since their inception(Coca-Cola™, CBS™, Bayer™, Purina™, Ford™, etc.), many others go through subtle, low-key updates(AT & T™,Lays™, Heinz™,etc.) to reflect the times and their continued relevance in their market. We have the knowledge and the creativity to keep you at the top of your market for years to come!

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