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window & door signs

window signs


Don't miss out on the valuable marketing space available to many of you on the windows of your storefront. In many strip mall and trendy outdoor shopping "villages," wall signage is only visible from the street or parking lot, usually above a canopy or awning that covers the sidewalks of the facility, and your only option is to have something on your windows at eye level for the pedestrian traffic walking by in front of your business. But, don't worry about losing valuable display space by covering it all up with a sign. There is almost always a way to incorporate the necessary information on your windows without sacrificing valuable retail  marketing space.

door signs

We almost always recommend some type of signage either on or directly to the right or left of the entry door to their business, even if they have signage on their larger windows. Think about it. EVERYONE uses that door(or tries to, if you're closed). So, if your hours and phone

number are right in front of them, they know instantly when you're there and how to get in touch with you after they leave. In this age of smart phones, who among us hasn't pulled out their phone and snapped a picture of the door. Then, it's a "snap" to contact them later when they are open! Although, I must confess, sometimes I do it because I'm impressed by the graphics or layout they used and may want to use it as inspiration on one of my future projects!

Usually basic info such as business name, hours of operation and a phone number is all that's necessary, but we can be quite creative in that small space, if necessary! Contact us now and let us show you how to take advantage of the space you have to make your presence known!

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